Bank Guarantee is a financial instrument where the Bank guarantees a stated sum of money to the beneficiary upon the non performance of the applicant's obligation and performance. To support your business needs and activities, Phillip Bank can assist in issuing guarantees on your behalf to ensure that your liabilities will be met. The following types of Bank Guarantees are available at Phillip Bank:

  1. Bid Bond / Tender Guarantee
  2. Payment Guarantee
  3. Advance Payment Guarantee
  4. Performance Guarantee


  • Usually used to guarantee payment obligation or a contract requirement when bidding for a tender.
  • Financial Guarantee that can be used to fulfill the financial obligations of the applicant.
  • The guarantee is issued with a specific validity period (with or without a claim period)
  • The guarantee can be issued to a local party or a foreign party.


  • Facilitates transactions between 2 contracting parties and provides comfort and assurance to the counterpart (beneficiary) as the Bank undertakes the financial obligations on the applicant's behalf which will reflect on the applicant's ability to carry out payment obligations.
  • Provides assurance to the Contracting parties (e.g. in the case of a Performance and Tender Bond) that ensures the performance of an act agreed between the applicant and the beneficiary.
  • Permits the applicant to have favorable Business / Trade terms with the beneficiary if a Bank Guarantee is issued in favor of the Beneficiary.
  • Immediate usage of funds - If a Bank Guarantee is issued for Advance Payment which will assist the business needs or when there is no need to raise cash to satisfy any deposit requirements. These will permits funds to be used for working capital requirements / usage.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The Bank may require a Security / Collateral to support the application of the Bank Guarantee.
  • The Security can be in the form of a Fixed Deposit placed with the Bank.
  • The Customer (Applicant) must maintain an account with the Bank.


  1. Contact any of our branches for further enquiries.
    • Monivong Branch: +855 23 862 777
    • Nordom Branch: +855 23 218 866
    • Kampuchea Krom Branch: +855 883 733
    • Mao Tse Tung Branch: +855 880 080
    • Steung Meanchey Branch: +855 900 464
    • Teuk Thla Branch: +855 23 888 828
  2. Visit any of our branches and the locations are available at
  3. Produce the necessary supporting documents and Bank Guarantee Application form.
Issurance / Renewal of Gurantee 0.10% per month or part thereof (Minimum -USD100.00) – from the effective date to the end of the expiry date or claim period (whichever is applicable).
Amendment of Guarantee USD 30.00 flat
Cancellation of Guarantee USD 30.00 flat
Reissurance of Lost BG USD 30.00 flat

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